Climate Change Alters Extreme Weather Conditions

Severe weather occurrences are now considered to be part of the "new normal." Previously uncommon natural weather occurrences are becoming increasingly commonplace. What then might have led to these events? Extreme weather conditions are mostly caused by rapid changes in the global climate, which are fuelled by human activities. And among these human endeavors are overcrowding, pollution, burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and so on. The atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide rises as a result of these human activities. Similar to methane, carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that causes the Earth to retain solar energy. The planet's temperature will start to increase once it is trapped. If people do not act, the recent increase in global temperatures will make climate catastrophes far worse. Around the globe, several businesses are impacted by the deteriorating weather conditions brought on by climate change. It requires putting up a robust strategy for managing the risks associated with