Nova outburst could be visible in northern skies

Sometime between now and the end of the year, a big star explosion is likely going to glow in the night sky. This outburst, dubbed a nova, is projected to be so dazzling that it will be seen even from large cities. The explosion won’t pose any risk to Earth — it’s too far away — but over a duration of few days, the nova will release tens of thousands of times more energy than the Sun puts out over an entire year. The outburst will come from the star system T Corona Borealis, which puts on a comparable spectacle every 80 years or so. Astronomers presently expect approximately a 70% likelihood that T Corona Borealis will go nova by September, and a 95% chance that it’ll go off before the end of the year. The nova will likely be the brightest one observed on Earth since 1975. What Creates A Nova? A