How to Harmonise Wildlife and Energy Manufacturing

There are 650 surviving breeding pairs of eagle owls. A endangered species of owl was being treated by the Austrian Federal Railways (OBB) due to electric shocks on their network. They looked to TE Connectivity (TE) for assistance in reducing power outages as well as in delivering easy-to-fit, long-lasting, and dependable wildlife and asset products. The Difficulties In Protecting Wildlife And Networks The number of protected eagle owls has increased in the Austrian Alps region of Carinthia throughout the past several years. With about 650 breeding pairs now, this mostly agricultural area has emerged as one of the birds' most significant natural habitats. However, a 50-kilometer section of an electrified railway passes through their nesting region, putting the birds at great risk of electric shock from the power transmission cables. Austrian Federal Railways decided to insulate their electrical distribution network to aid in the conservation of the endangered eagle owl. This would assist cope