We are excited to share that five rehabilitated African White-backed Vultures have been released when into the wild!

The vulture release, which took place on Manyoni Private Game Reserve, worked part of the work washed-up by the Zululand Vulture Project and was made possible by Wildlife ACT, Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, Raptor Rescue Rehabilitation Centre and Dr Mike Toft.

Five Rehabilitated Vultures Released When into the Wild

An important part of this work involves responding to poisoned, injured or otherwise compromised Vultures, providing emergency superintendency when appropriate, and transporting compromised birds to our rehabilitation partner, Raptor Rescue Rehabilitation Centre. This accredited rehabilitation centre provides these birds with professional treatment and superintendency until they are ready for release.


In December 2022, five poisoned African White-backed Vultures were captured and treated by our Emergency Response Team at a mass wildlife poisoning scene surpassing stuff transported to Raptor Rescue Rehabilitation Centre for remoter treatment. Despite the weightier efforts of all involved, one individual didn’t survive.

The four surviving birds were released together with flipside Vulture that was found with a wrenched wing older in 2022, which required a significantly longer rehabilitation period. The five rehabilitated Vultures were fitted with uniquely identifiable patagial tags, leg rings, and GPS tracking units surpassing release. This will enable the Wildlife ACT team to monitor their post-release movements, respond in specimen of an emergency, and assess the rehabilitation success.

Five Rehabilitated Vultures Released When into the Wild

While we work nonflexible towards eliminating threats and creating increasingly unscratched habitat for Vultures to live in, each individual bird saved and released, no matter the species, is considered a victory. The value of wildlife tracking units cannot be underestimated when it comes to Vulture conservation.

We still need 10 increasingly vulture tracking units to reach our target for the year. Please consider supporting this important conservation work. To sponsor a Vulture tracking unit, please contact anel@wildlifeact.com.

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