A Yellowstone wildlife tour and safari is a great way to see bears, wolves and other animals in Yellowstone National Park. Explore Yellowstone with a professional guide.

Yellowstone National Park is home to the largest wildlife exhibit in North America. Large mammals such as bears, wolves, bison, moose and elk inhabit Yellowstone. Our tours are designed to see and observe Yellowstone animals in their pristine natural habitat. Hear the howl of wolves, the whistle of elk, the snort of bison, and the cry of a bald eagle soaring above these are just a few of the sounds and sights of Yellowstone. Participate and observe nature in the most beautiful landscapes.

Wildlife Tours Guide Itinerary

Wildlife Tours Guide Itinerary

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Tour notes and itinerary - Black bear in the bushes - Yellowstone National ParkBlack bear in the bushes

Wildlife tours start early to enjoy the animals' morning movements and activities. Morning is the best time to see the park's wildlife, including bears and wolves. Tours focus on Yellowstone's wildlife hotspots, including Lamar Valley, Hayden Valley, Little America, Slough Creek, the Lakes Region and points along the Northern Range ecosystem. Wildlife is constantly on the move in the park and we know where to find it. Specific attention often depends on the accommodation and time of year.

Enjoy the other animals of Yellowstone too! The park is home to large herds of bison, elk, pronghorn antelope, bighorn sheep, and other ungulates. Watch bison hunt in Hayden Valley, watch mountain goats scale the high peaks in the northeast corner, or listen for elk calling in the fall. Your guide will help you interpret and explain the animal's behavior and keep you updated on what is happening in nature. All staff are local, knowledgeable and passionate about Yellowstone.

Exploring the Wonders of Jackson Hole Wildlife Tours

Join an expert local guide for a wildlife safari you'll remember for a lifetime. Discover the best of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks on a half- or full-day safari.

Wonders of Jackson Hole Wildlife Tours

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As you learn, you'll gain insider knowledge of the region to explore wildlife alone. Those interested in photography can join a professional wildlife photographer for a private photography safari. Learn from the professionals as you photograph your area of ​​interest.

Photo Safari (Half Day & Full Day)

We began this wildlife photography tour by driving along the western edge of Elk in Help. North, from Refuge National Park to Grand Teton National Park. Here we will cycle along the roads south of the park, observing wildlife and stopping frequently to take photos. You'll see places like Antelope Flats, home to historic farms and herds of free-roaming bison and antelope. We will also show you the Moose-Wilson Highway, known for its rich flora and fauna.

Best of Jackson Hole (full day - winter safaris)

If you want to experience the best of Jackson Hole in winter, this safari is for you! The day begins with a pastry and gourmet coffee, tea, or hot chocolate at a local cafe before heading to the National Elk Refuge and Grand Teton National Park in search of the region's abundant winter wildlife. This incredible tour includes a sleigh ride through the National Elk Refuge and a visit to the National Museum of Wildlife Art.

The Best Grand Teton National Park 2024

This wildlife tour focuses on wildlife, geology and on natural history. of Grand Teton National Park. Your guide will help you discover the park's abundant wildlife. We will visit famous places such as Mormon Row, Oxbow Bend, Signal Mountain, Moose Visitor Center and Jenny Lake.

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Yellowstone National Park (full day - summer safaris)

This wildlife tour focuses on the geology, wildlife, and natural history of Yellowstone National Park. You will spend most of this safari on the world's largest active volcano. We travel in search of wildlife and visit famous places in Yellowstone National Park such as Continental Divide, Old Faithful, Fountain Paint Pots, Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Hayden Valley, Mud Volcano, Yellowstone Lake and more. 

The Most Fun Tours with Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris

From wolves and bears to herds of bison and antelope, the diversity of our region's wildlife is truly astonishing. No matter what time of year you choose to stay with us, you are sure to see a wide variety of beautiful animals native to the Teton Range. If you would like to see these creatures up close, we recommend a tour with Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris. Since 2007, this local travel agency has been offering visitors unique experiences in Jackson Hole, WY. They strive to introduce guests to the wonders of nature and create lasting memories that will always be remembered. These are just some of the most famous tours that you absolutely cannot miss!

Jackson Hole wildlife safaris are just one of the many ways to discover its incredible wildlife region is wonderful Request your free copy of our vacation guide and instantly receive a comprehensive list of our region's top attractions, activities, restaurants and more.

Find out more about Antelope Apartments by downloading our free vacation guide! Contains lots of information about wonderful places to visit during your stay at the Bentwood Inn.

Learn more about Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris

Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris offers some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in Jackson Buco, Wyoming. The tour company has spent years hiking remote trails, scaling peaks, scaling rivers, and tracking wildlife deep in the forest to better understand the history and geology of this unique region. Through this experience, tour guides can provide their visitors with first-hand knowledge that can only be gained by living and experiencing Jackson Hole, Grand Teton, and Yellowstone National Park.

Three of the Best Wildlife Safaris in Jackson Hole 2024

Three of the Best Wildlife Safaris

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1. Summer Trips

Wildflowers in bloom, birds in flight and warm breezes welcome visitors on safari during the summer months. Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris offers six different tours this time of year, including Jackson Hole photography tours, riverside wildlife tours, and multi-day excursions. You can see the world's largest active volcano in Yellowstone National Park or admire the towering Grand Teton Mountains. During any visit you can expect to encounter herds of bison, antelope, elk, deer, elk, fox, coyote, bear, eagles and swans. Experienced local guides also provide personalized attention, excellent wildlife viewing, and endless photography!

2. Winter Safaris

The winter months in Jackson Hole offer unparalleled wildlife viewing as thousands of elk, bison, bighorn sheep, American wolves and vagrants migrate into the valley in searches for food. Guests can take a half-day tour or sign up for the Best of Jackson Hole Wildlife Safari, where they can spend a full day admiring the animals. Then, take a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the National Elk Refuge to see one of the largest elk herds in North America. Each Jackson Hole winter safari includes transportation in a snow-covered vehicle with an expert local guide, hot and cold beverages, organic snacks, and a souvenir thermal travel mug.

3. Multi-day Safaris

For those who can't get enough, Jackson Hole Wildlife Safaris offers four different tours that last longer days. For or two to five days, visitors will be able to admire the region's endless landscapes, including hot springs and waterfalls. You will have the incredible opportunity to safely observe predators such as grizzly bears and wolves and admire the graceful beauty of wild horses and golden eagles an incredible experience you will never forget.

Advantage of Our Wildlife Safaris Vacation Tour Package 2024

Wildlife Safaris Vacation Tour Package

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If you are planning your visit in spring or winter, don't miss this fantastic offer at the Bentwood Inn! Our Winter/Spring Wildlife Experience package includes a three-day stay at our rustic lodge, a delicious homemade breakfast each morning of your stay, and a guided hike with a local naturalist in search of local wildlife. After your adventure, return to the Bentwood Inn, where you can sip hot chocolate and apple cider and mingle with other guests by the fireplace. This offer is available until April, so book early!

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